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Drones For Dangerous Situations, Radioisotopes Power The Seafloor

Hey y’all we have a shorter issue this week, one main story and a handful of quick links.

Here’s what we got
- Drones for dangerous situations
- Radioisotope power on the seafloor
- Manufacturing gets a hype video
- Early-stage 3D metal printing startup shows progress

Purpose-built drone for dangerous situations

BRINC launched and began shipping their Lemur 2, a drone purpose-built for helping first responders in dangerous situations. The launch video is incredibly cool, giving a tour of their office / drone factory in Seattle.

The company was started by Thiel Fellow Blake Resnick (the dude also built a fusion reactor in his garage as a teenager). He started BRINC after the Mandalay Bay shooting in Las Vegas. At the shooting, it took the SWAT team over an hour to reach the assailant. Blake thought he could build something to help law enforcement engage faster in these situations.

The Lemur 2 comes with a slew of features that make it a powerful companion for first responders. The drone is easy to fly, can right itself after a fall with “turtle mode” and can even break through glass.

BRINC’s LiveOps interface, a web app with real-time data from the Lemur 2

BRINC’s drone automatically creates realtime floor plans so first responders can navigate through unfamiliar buildings.

The Lemur 2 going through automated calibration at the Brinc drone factory in Seattle

The company builds and manufacturers the drone in-house in Seattle.

Quick Links

Zeno Power secures a $7.5 million contract to provide power on the seafloor.

“Manufacturing is hard. Quit daydreaming about empires and come build one.”

Aaron from Atomic Industries (a vertically integrated, ai-powered tool and die maker) put out an epic manufacturing hype video on X.

Helion gets a huge CNC machine. The company is building fusion power plants.

A video shows a duct cleaning robot doing what robots are great at, tackling jobs that are dirty and dangerous.

Dival from Vuecason (an early stage company building new metal 3d printing tech) shows off one month of progress on their print quality.

That’s it for this week!

See y’all next week 🫡